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Efficient IT staffing for an entertainment industry giant

When it comes to IT staffing, less is more. Whereas some staffing agencies send clients a multitude of candidates, our 20 years of experience has shown us that this approach actually does a disservice to the client. RJT saves our clients time and frustration by only submitting the most qualified candidates for client review. The result: An unparalleled candidate-match ratio, and happy clients who get to focus on doing their job, not sifting through countless IT candidates

At RJT, we don’t just strive for the right fit; we strive to exceed expectations. Our streamlined approach to IT staffing was on display recently when we helped an entertainment industry mogul fill a key content management role.

The Challenge

This busy west coast entertainment company sought an IT network security engineer who could manage its content. They immediately recognized the value of partnering with RJT because of our vast pool of tech candidates and track record for filling positions quickly and at an unparalleled quality level. RJT immediately began diving into the project requirements.

The Solution

A hallmark of RJT’s approach is our in-depth understanding of the client’s project requirements and business goals. After conducting a deep dive with this entertainment company, we began crafting a comprehensive profile of required skills and experience. Then, we got to work scouring our database of IT candidates.

While most IT staffing agencies send a multitude of resumes to their clients, RJT takes an important extra step. As part of our due diligence, we filtered each initial candidate selection through three RJT experts. Only candidates approved by all three staffing pros were presented to the client. In the end, we submitted three candidates to the client, and after interviewing two of them, the entertainment company successfully hired one as its IT network security contractor.

Within just two weeks, our client had found a qualified candidate. Thanks to our time-saving approach and excellent results, RJT has become a key staffing vendor for the company’s future IT needs.

Specialized IT staffing for a building industry veteran
In the world of IT staffing, technical expertise is just as essential for recruiters as it is for the candidates themselves. RJT’s recruiters are seasoned tech experts who use this background to properly assess, understand and fulfill our clients’ needs