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RJT Application Management Services

With profit margins becoming ever tighter, each incremental means for improving operational performance can be a critical to increasing the bottom line and increasing competitive advantage. RJT’s Application Management Services (AMS) offers companies a way to reduce the cost of in-house IT staff while continuing to mitigate risk and adding strategic value.

Frequently Mentioned AMS Challenges Today:

  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce complexity
  • Reduce risk
  • Flexible Resources
  • Standardization of repeatable processes that improve operations
  • Improve governance and transparency
  • Manage the risk of business fluctuation and demand
  • Fixed Pricing

Here’s How RJT Can Help:

We understand that the responsibilities of the CIO/IT team range from meeting your current IT needs and adjusting to the ebb and flow of business, while concurrently planning for future requirements. RJT will work with your team to build an AMS model custom designed to your needs. We can operate as your entire AMS team, blending seamlessly with your FTEs. Or, we can augment where you need us, enabling you to shift your financial and personnel resources. We can also provide routine services that do not require FT resources.

Benefits of Partnering with RJT:

  • Reduce Risk – We have a proven transition process and a proven repeatable delivery process.
  • Proactive Reporting & Analysis - Allows us to provide recommendations to reduce incidents and decrease change requests.
  • Experienced Delivery Team – RJT consultants have name brand client experience – onshore US experience.
  • Proven Communication - RJT AMS uses a centralized ticketing system, which ensures incidents and enhancements are effectively communicated to all team members.
  • Expert resources when you need them - A broad range of experts to address your issues when you need them.

What You Can Expect:

RJT offers three (3) extremely flexible, cost effective AMS plans designed to match your primary objectives. Our pricing model allows us to offer:

  • Fixed price, monthly fees for determined deliverables
  • Predetermined performance and monitoring services
  • Discounted Block of hours per month across multiple functional modules
  • Expert resources across all system disciplines
  • Low cost offshore hourly consulting

Nimble AMS partners like RJT can help companies more effectively manage fluctuating workload requirements, and can quickly ramp up or ramp down to augment existing IT support. Because our model is scalable, we can engage where and how you need us, while minimizing cost.

RJT is there when you need us… With the knowledge and commitment to help you get the most from your Solutions.

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